haii snow day! enjoy this hibernation time and watch this brilliant film! (one of my favorites) Claudine! released on april 22nd, 1974 and starring Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones. set in Harlem, Diahann's character, Claudine, a single mother of 6 falls in love with James' character, Rupert.  Claudine, who is on welfare, has been married twice and at this point does not believe that she will find love again. plus her welfare check is dependent on her single status, thus if she ever remarries they will cut her government assistance. this very real love story displays the difficulties of single black motherhood, and black love in general. 

and to top it all off, the film is scored by the one and only, Curtis Mayfield, and performed by Gladys Knight and The Pips. (it really gets no better than this yall!) the soundtrack is gorgeous! it features a gorgeous remake of the mayfield classic "the makings of you." 

please enjoy with a full link to the film below!