Sun Ra | this planet is doomed

below find excerpts from poems from Sun Ra's poetry book This Planet is Doomed. 

"the player sat in space as all players do.."

space age needs

there must be a cosmic

dimension of music 

which is attuned

to the space-age needs 

of the rulers

as well as the peoples of the earth.

angels & demons

my music sings of the discipline of the depths

and darkness of space as matter

and matter of outer space as tone, and it

relates-reaches through the void to stars

beyond the places of thought-worlds

without names

touch the stars

at night I sleep my sleep 

and dream my dreams 

reach into the darkness

and touch the stars

place them in new places

where I would have them

pattern them into another design

of another tomorrow's destiny

I am an instrument

I am an instrument

the timbre of my voice flies with the winds of heaven

I belong to the one who is more than a musician

he is an artist

I live to be his pleasure,

I do not flee from him when he comes to me

for instrument are not sufficient in themselves

they are old and lifeless without tortured hands and mind

the artist holds myself tenderly in his hands

first he touches the strings of my heart

too fine to be in tune with the universe

then suddenly vibrant thoughts strikes there

and music from the world of time and space is born

I am strange

I am strange

my mind is tinted with the colors of madness

they fight in silent furor in the effort to dissolve each other

I am strange 

I have a potent degree of love that is so unwise

in one world that it is wisdom in another

I am strange

I no longer have respect for hate

for I am stronger than hate...

collages by Tamara Renée Davidson