joni mitchell woodstock

blessings to the legend joni mitchell. a soul that has walked this earth many times. she has shared her pool of songs with us all. she is truly healing and cooling. she is currently in very poor health so send  your blessings to this rainbow warrior. 

below find two exquisite live videos of joni singing "woodstock" a song she wrote about the music festival that she missed in 1970. this song is quite beautiful! wow. and it is very fitting for now, another time where young folk are searching to find the truth amongst so much turmoil and strife.

the first video is her playing it in 1970 on a piano, she is around 27 so you can see she is young and almost angelic. very pure and clear. the second video is much later and on guitar! she clearly has the growth of a wild woman, who has been through winds. her voice a bit raspier and her stage presence a bit more powerful and sexy. i love them both. so thankful for a woman artist who showed you could be vulnerable, sweet, sexy, angry, powerful, and control your own vision.

We are stardust
We are golden
And we've got to get ourselves
Back to the garden