Deeper Space

Pleased to annouce Black de cool Sun's collaboration with the monthly music event DEEPER SPACE. This month's deeper space will be at Baby's Alright in Brooklyn. 

Deeper Space is a party that promotes electro/soul/jazz/hip-hop influenced music and brings in artists that share that ethos. While there are plenty of venues/parties in NYC that book this kind of music, we hope to bring the musicians that we work with together to share more of themselves than just their stage show. Deeper Space asks that each act curate a playlist of 5-10 songs that puts them in a "deeper space" and we put these out in the days leading up to the show for guests to connect with. We think that discovery is just as important a part of the show experience as the show itself. These playlists, called 'Deeper Cuts' are short enough to promote recommended listening and come from artists that guests are already interested in. We also ask that the acts create a handmade art page that represents them--they can put whatever they want on it we just ask that they make it themselves for the show. Past artists have made collages, drawn self-portraits and added their flair in other ways that allows them both another creative outlet and an opportunity to deliver more of themselves than just the set that Deeper Space "presents". The final piece of the show is a live art piece by Stewart Hoyt. Using roll paper, a lightbox and a projector, he is able to add his live sketches to the show and follow the artists movements as they perform. In his own words:
"Ink is yes or no. There’s no erasing or futzy maybe. From this basic binary equation flows visual notes: strokes on paper reverberate our eye cones, and signal the piano player ways to key our ear bones. Our grey matter awakens to soul."

This is the goal of Deeper Space: to create a place where grey matter can awaken in a genre that is largely underrepresented in music media. 

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