black de cool sun

We are the Blues People. The Alchemists. The Prophets. The Mystics. The ones from the soil and sky, the mountains and the oceans. We represent The Cool. We are the messengers between the physical and the divine realms. We paint colors with sound and pierce through time and space. We live in the Universal Black. We cry the Blues and this darkness dwells in us all. We are the new ancient, who open doors to new myths and shrines. We are our own gods. As messengers of music, we exude the sound of our Self and take root in our Ancestors. We use our magic to transform. We breathe song that seek rest in the universe.

Brainchild of harlemite Tamara Renée Davidson, black de cool sun, is a woman centered website that highlights and features art, music, and culture across the African Diaspora. A believer that we are all children of the sun, black de cool sun is a space for rainbow warriors of all walks. Inclusive in it's nature, it is a place of planting seeds and building across borders and boundaries. Tamara Renée Davidson is a renaissance woman in every sense of the word. She is a musician, visual artist, yogini, and arts educator. She works to create not only space through the internet but physical space where people of all walks can go to feel at home and safe. A modern day "quilombo" leader she peacefully resists white patriarchal society through acts of self-love and creation.